Internationaal Management Traineeship

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International Management Traineeship (NL/EN)

Develop your management skills as a team leader of our translators and contribute to internationalization!

Fulltime | 32-40h/w | wo-level| Headquarters Groningen

Working on the frontier of the international market

Belsimpel is currently the fastest growing online telecom provider in the Netherlands. As Gomibo, we now want to make all customers in the rest of Europe happy too. Of course, our website and all our communication must be available in the language of that country, and we need to take local preferences and practices into consideration. That’s is where you can make a difference!

Nederlands | English

What will you do as International Management Trainee?

As a Management Trainee at Gomibo, you will learn to take responsibility for a team from A to Z. You will be in charge of around 15 colleagues and contribute at a strategic level to the processes within your team. You will deal with HR aspects such as training, coaching and culture transfer, and will quickly take on your own improvement projects. As team leader, you are always there for your colleagues, setting a good example as a cooperating foreman and helping them grow, taking on more and more responsibility within the team. With structured planning and reporting, you also ensure that team productivity is high, that there is good insight into the team's output ,and that colleagues are working on the tasks and projects that have the greatest impact at that moment.

Of course, we will help you develop in this area, through an intensive training programme. You receive 1-on-1 coaching and training in leadership, smart working, and conversational skills. You will also discuss your problems with other trainees during intervision sessions. You will be given many responsibilities from day one, exactly as much as you are ready for at that moment (and perhaps sometimes just a little more). We then ensure that you deal with all those responsibilities in a smart way and that you make use of your own qualities and skill set to handle them.

What does Team International look like?

Team International is working hard to make sure that we are able to address people in their own language in the whole of Europe, and that customers from every country can reach us with their telecom questions. We offer the Gomibo websites in the following languages now: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, and Portuguese. We hope to expand this even further in the future! Team International makes sure our communication is up-to-date in all countries we operate in and takes localisation into consideration where possible.

As team leader of team International, you are the point of contact for all translators in the team. These colleagues translate all web content and indirect customer communications for Gomibo from Dutch or English. The team is also responsible for internal translations for international colleagues, the foreign domains of our insurer Tulip Assist, and translations for our SaaS platform. As team leader yourself, you are so proficient with language and communication that you can think along with your colleagues about the right translations in different contexts. You certainly don't need to master all the languages yourself, but your linguistic feeling allows you to easily dive into grammatical exceptions or research the best forms of address for a country.

As team leader International, you will also take the lead in optimising our foreign domains in other areas, such as catering to local customs and preferences. Perhaps external quality marks are considered extra important in other countries or an important local payment method is missing. By being critical of improvements and taking this up proactively with the relevant teams, together you will ensure that our domains match customer preferences at least as well as those of other telecom providers in the local markets. In doing so, you work closely with teams such as Customer Journey and Customer Service for an optimal customer journey, Development for flawless implementation of translations on our websites and Marketing for commercial opportunities abroad.

What will a regular day look like?

At the door, you greet Silvia, our Italian translator. While walking up the stairs, you talk about last weekend's Belsimpel summer festival and, once upstairs, you grab coffee for both of you. You quickly check your mailbox and discuss your to-do list for the day with the rest of the team during our day start. Your first task is to work on a project aiming to improve the performance of our German Gomibo domain; seeing as we aren’t that well known in Germany yet, you are looking into how we can improve the reliability of the website by implementing social proof elements. Together with Customer Journey, Development, and Niklas, one of the German translators, you create a plan for testing a couple of new elements on the website. At the end of the morning you have a coaching meeting scheduled with Ina, the French translator. She has prepared the meeting well and wants your input about a new learning goal she wants to focus on the coming weeks. This just happens to match a project that you have just added to the project list perfectly, so you immediately agree that Ina will take the lead in this and create a plan of attack.

After a delicious GoBistro lunch on our sunny roof terrace, it is time for International’s weekly meeting. You discuss the progress of ongoing projects and brainstorm briefly about the creation of a new onboarding path for new international colleagues. Next, you get to work on drafting the team goals for the next quarter; you have already received a lot of input from colleagues and incorporate this in the draft goals that you discuss with Jeroen and Jeroen next week. You think it would be good to focus on research into a separate customer journey per country, so you already list what this would require and what it would provide. When you empty your mailbox at the end of the day, you see that Ina's project proposal has already been shared with you. After emailing her your feedback, you turn off your PC with a satisfied feeling. That was yet another productive day!

Plenty of (international) growth opportunities

From day one you make the difference

Your development is key

You get the challenge you can handle with good guidance

The best team

Work with >700 fanatical colleagues

Working from the city centre of Groningen

Or remotely from Germany

Who are you?

  • You’re interested in the international aspect of commercial and internal communication, know to deal with different cultures, and consider it your personal mission to make this all come together;

  • You are fanatical, ambitious, and challenges only give you energy. Besides, you are down-to-earth, honest, and not afraid to give feedback if you see something that could be better;

  • You have preferably done a communication and/or language-oriented WO study;

  • You have a command of the English language at C2 level;

  • You are sociable and a genius at communicating.

Do you have specific questions or just want to know more about our traineeship? Feel free to contact us at We will gladly put you in touch with one of our trainees, who will be happy to tell you more about their experience with the traineeship at Belsimpel!

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