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Data Driven Marketeer

Recognise great opportunities, share ideas and propel our online marketing to the next level.

Fulltime | HQ Groningen

Well-organised, driven & out-of-the-box thinking.

Belsimpel is the fastest growing telecom webstore in the Netherlands, and we pursue further growth every day. Online marketing is the most important driver of this growth performance. Together with your team, you are tasked with setting up new campaigns and ensuring an efficient allocation of various budgets. As a full-time Data Scientist, you steer the team and keep track of the progress within your projects, allowing your team to go above and beyond.

What do you do as Data Scientist?

As a Data Scientist, you spend most of your time improving and expanding PPC online marketing and marketing campaigns like Google AdWords and Facebook adverts. You carefully analyse large data sets and monitor the performance of different target audiences, channels and devices on a daily basis. You are in regular contact with major partners like Google, Facebook and other popular advert platforms. Based on the findings that you and your team are able to draw from these data sets, you offer advice about marketing cambelpaigns to teams like the Marketing Planning & Execution Team. As an online marketer, you are always ahead of the curve. You know more about the sustainability of campaigns, which makes you the ideal person for your colleagues to turn to when they need advice about new methods and strategies.

As a full-time Data Scientist, you act as the working foreman/-woman of your team. You actively help to dream up new campaigns and projects and integrate improvements into on-going processes. Personal input and initiative form an integral part of your approach. You are well-organised, which means that keeping track of multiple projects and tasks is a breeze for you. This is why you are the contact person of this team for other colleagues. On top of that, you play a crucial part in realising our ambitions for international expansion. You also take on partial responsibility when it comes to guiding the implementation of online marketing strategies.

Our Data Driven Team consists of ambitious, talented and passionate online marketers. You work together to propel our business to new heights every day. We want you to be able to truly make a difference from day one, as this allows all of us to benefit from the impact of your efforts on our growth performance from the get-go.

This is what your day may look like

You start your day off by checking your mailbox and updating your to-do with a fresh cup of coffee (or tea) by your side. Next, you review the performance of our current Facebook campaigns and A/B tests. You analyse the results and document your findings. During the morning meeting, you briefly present your findings to Jeroen Doorenbos. After presenting the results, a debate ensues in which you are not afraid to share your views. In the following meeting, you discuss the implementation of new event tracking with the Business and Back-end Developers. You spend the rest of the meeting brainstorming about the usability of future data. By the time you finish your brainstorming session, it’s time to grab some lunch with your team at one of the market stalls outside of the office. When you finish your lunch, you have enough time for a game of table football or pool. You spend the rest of the day updating the analyses of current projects with new data. By the end of the day, you’re more than satisfied with everything you managed to get done. You check your mail for the last time today and switch off your PC. Sander walks by, asking if you fancy another game of pool. However, Isadora just invited you to a game of table football. Which invite do you accept?

Wat kun je van ons verwachten?

Who are you?

  • You are in possession of a University (WO) degree, preferably beta-oriented.
  • Analysing large data sets is a passion that you would like to turn into your job.
  • You enjoy expanding your knowledge of online marketing.
  • You and Excel are best buds and you effortlessly demonstrate your skills as an analytical powerhouse.
  • You have a great affinity for web shops.
  • Friends would describe you as inquisitive, a true team player and a born leader. 

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