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Master Thesis Econometrics

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen – Belsimpel.

Econometrics MSc thesis at Belsimpel | Head Office Groningen

Finally apply your skills in practice.

Do you want to write your Master Thesis Econometrics at an organisation and bring all of your acquired knowledge into practice? At Belsimpel, we have several challenges that you can work on, and we give you the opportunity to really make an impact within our company! We guarantee that you won’t get started on a simple project that no one’s really waiting for. On the contrary, you’ll be working on a project of which the results are important and which will have a great impact on either our customers or your colleagues.  

Your research project

We operate in a dynamic environment and Belsimpel is growing very quickly. Continuous improvement is in our DNA and we do everything ourselves, right from our head office in Groningen! From building our website, which is viewed by millions of visitors every month, to purchasing all of our products and marketing, to setting up and analysing our online campaigns. That's why we have a lot of data at our disposal and why there are always opportunities for optimisation. This also means that we always have interesting projects that you, as a master's degree student in Econometrics, can work on during your thesis.

Which project you’ll be working on depends on your interest and which projects have priority for us. Think about optimising bid strategies for advertising on Google. You can spend a lot of money on Google Ads, but of course there are other ways that are smarter and cheaper. For example, you can analyse the results of Google Ads, and manually optimise the bidding based on those results, but you can also create a model that does this automatically. What do you choose? We always want to offer our customers the best prices, but a strategy like this also generates a lot of questions. To what extent do we cannibalize our own assortment when we lower our prices? What is the effect before, during, and after offers such as the Bizarre Belsimpel Days and Black Friday on turnover and profit? How does our pricing strategy influence the behaviour of customers and competitors? How can we best optimise and automate our contract and bundle pricing?

The assignments above are just examples, there many more possibilities in all three disciplines of Econometrics! Would you like to work on one of our projects and make important improvements? Then please contact us without any obligation or apply directly. We would like to find out if you’d want to make the Mobile World just a little bit better with us. We will discuss which project you’ll be working on during the application process. One thing is certain: at Belsimpel, we can offer you the challenge you’re looking for! 

What does graduating at Belsimpel look like?

At Belsimpel, we think it’s important to always improve ourselves, and with the constant changes and expansion that Belsimpel goes through this is a huge challenge. That is why we continuously have interesting projects for you to work on. By agreement we will find a project that suits you well. Good to know: together we make sure that you get to work on a project that meets the requirements set by the RuG, including the research element. Several students at the University of Groningen have already gone before you and graduated at Belsimpel!

Before you get started, we’ll discuss in more detail which assignment you’ll be working on and what your ambitions are with your team leader. This way, everything is clear for you, for us, and for the university, so you can get started as quickly and as well as possible. Throughout your research, you’ll receive guidance from smart team members and access to all the information you need. With us, you'll be working on your own from day one, so you won't just be watching along with others. This way, you can really make a difference! If both sides are happy, you can of course continue to work at Belsimpel after your graduation project in a team that suits you. In addition, we provide an excellent internship pay!

What do we offer?

Plenty of (international) growth opportunities

From day one you make the difference

Your development is key

You get the challenge you can handle with good guidance

The best team

Work with >700 fanatical colleagues

Working from the city centre of Groningen

Or remotely from Germany

Who are you?

We’re looking for smart, driven, but above all nice colleagues. Are you also positive, down-to-earth and critical and would you like to work full-time at Belsimpel after your thesis? Then we’re looking for you!

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