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Data Scientist

Delve into the data and optimise processes and user experience

Fulltime | HQ Groningen

Well-organised, driven & out-of-the-box thinking.

We have huge amounts of data at our disposal, how are we going to use it to make the work of colleagues easier, improve the service and thus be able to help even more customers? By automating reports and modelling key business processes, you will have a major impact on decision making. As a Data Scientist, you will be at the forefront of radical improvements within the company.

What do you do as Data Scientist?

As a Data Scientist, you will gain insight into many processes within the company, from the website to the mailbox. This means you will be working together with different teams, helping them to gain new insights into their work. You are a real point of contact; colleagues knock on your door to make use of your expertise in the field of analyses. Which parts of the website fail to help customers? How do we best spend our online advertising budgets in times of scarcity? What is the optimal premium for phone insurance? What is the ideal strategy for automatically setting product prices? These and many more challenging questions are waiting to be solved by you.

As a full-time Data Scientist, you will function as a cooperative foreman/woman within your team. You think intensively about new projects and improvements of existing processes. Your own input and initiative are very much appreciated, because as a Data Scientist you have a unique perspective on the company. You are in contact with team leaders of other teams, interpret needs and spot new opportunities to automate and improve things. In addition, as a Data Scientist, you will be at the forefront of our international expansive ambitions.

As a Data Scientist, you will be part of the Data Driven team, together with Data Driven Development and Data Driven Marketing. Together, you do your very best to take us a step further every day. Because of the close cooperation, the results of your efforts and research are quickly visible at the front-end of the website. You can make a difference from day one!

This is what your day may look like

With a fresh cup of coffee (or tea), you check your mailbox and update your to-do list. Then you turn on a self-built script to run a report, which you send to the Business team. Soon this will no longer be necessary, because together with a developer you have designed a feature that fully automates this in the back office system. It is Monday, so you are on your way to the web analytics meeting. Here, you discuss the website performance of the past week with your team and Jeroen Doorenbos. A lively discussion ensues, in which you are not afraid to voice your opinion. Meetings and analyses require a lot of energy, so it's time for lunch. You and your team go and get your lunch in the open air in Groningen and after the meal, there is time for a game of pool or table football.

The rest of the day you work on your own projects, because there is still plenty to do. Last week, you talked to Team Purchasing about automating the purchasing process. With the help of your notes, you investigate how to convert the available data into concrete decisions. This looks promising! After having done so much work, you check your e-mail for the last time and close your PC. Sander walks past your desk: do you fancy a last game of table football? Isadora, however, challenges you from her desk to a round of table tennis. What are you going to do?

What do we offer?

Next to a good salary, special Belsimpel Benefits, a favourable pension scheme and 25 vacation days per year, we also offer:

Who are you?

  • You are in possession of a University (WO) degree, preferably beta-oriented.
  • Analysing large data sets is a passion that you would like to turn into your job.
  • You enjoy developing yourself in the field of online marketing.
  • You are analytically very strong.

  • You have a great affinity with web shops.

  • Friends would describe you as eager to learn, a real team player.

You work at the office in Groningen during your entire onboarding period. After that, we have a remote working policy of a maximum of 2 days per week. More days are possible in consultation.

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