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International Management Traineeship

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Fulltime | 40h/w | University level | Groningen


Make a meaningful impact from your very first day!

You’re about to graduate and can’t wait to put your knowledge into practice? Are you looking for a dynamic, innovative, and international environment to kickstart your career and evolve into a leadership role managing a diverse team? If so, our International Management Traineeship is the perfect position for you! Belsimpel's International Management Traineeship offers you the opportunity to develop your personal and professional potential.

What will you do as an International Management Trainee?

Belsimpel is an ambitious and innovative company located in the vibrant city of Groningen. As we expand internationally under the name Gomibo, we face many exciting challenges. In this two-year traineeship, tailored specifically to your skills and interests, you will immediately take on a full-fledged role and make a significant impact within the company. You will lead a team of international colleagues in our Customer Service department, managing various cultural dynamics to ensure that all team members feel supported and productive.

Initially, you will focus on mastering operational tasks to effectively lead your team. As a team leader, you will be responsible for about 20-30 colleagues, and will be involved in almost all HR aspects including training, coaching, cultural integration, and personal development. You will ensure that each team member is challenged and enjoys their work. Moreover, you'll encounter different cultural backgrounds and expectations, which adds a rich diversity to your role.

During your traineeship, you will also have the opportunity to contribute to business process improvements. You will be the link between operations and support teams, which is an excellent opportunity to make a real impact. You are critical and identify processes that are not running smoothly, so you will soon be working on your first improvement project. We'll decide together what that project will be, making each traineeship unique. From setting up an onboarding programme for international colleagues to determining how to involve international colleagues in all our social activities, we will tailor it to your development and constantly look at what the next step is. This is your chance to really make an impact!

Despite our rapid growth, Belsimpel maintains a close-knit feel. You'll be in close contact with colleagues from different teams, all experts in their field. Our dynamic telecoms market requires quick action, and we have a flat management structure to support rapid decision-making. If you have a good idea, it could be implemented as soon as next week!

Trainee = development and growth!

Your personal development starts immediately with intensive leadership training, designed and delivered by Belsimpel specialists. These trainings cover essential skills such as effective communication, cultural transfer, and efficient workflow management. You will also receive one-to-one coaching and participate in feedback sessions with other trainees, helping you to better understand your strengths and areas for growth more clearly.

The two-year Traineeship is just the beginning of your incredible career at Belsimpel! During the Traineeship, you will have plenty of time to discover where your qualities and interests lie. After the traineeship, we will help you find your ideal next step, whether it's a leadership role within one of our (international) teams or another department where your strengths are best suited. We also believe in having fun; regular social events and gatherings are an important part of our culture.

What do we offer?

We're passionate about making sure our colleagues feel valued for the amazing work they do. Naturally, we believe that great employment conditions are an important part of this. When you join us, you will start as a Management Trainee with a salary of €3050* including holiday allowance. As your knowledge, skills and experience develop, the terms and conditions of employment at Belsimpel are always open for discussion. You’ll have regular evaluation meetings, in which we look at your contributions not just through targets but also your overall impact on the team and Belsimpel as a whole. We always ask: how did you go the extra mile?

Our starting point is that good work and effort should also be rewarded. We don't work with standard salary scales or increases, but we assess this on an individual basis at regular intervals. This means that your development is discussed several times a year, which is great for you and for us! We usually give raises once a year, but if you're doing an amazing job or making great progress, we'll definitely notice and can decide on a raise sooner.

As a Belsimpel colleague, you'll also get special Belsimpel Benefits, a great pension scheme where the employer's contribution is three times your own, and 25 holidays per year.

*For university level

Who are you?

  • You're about to graduate and are looking for a challenging entry-level position that combines international and internal company dynamics.

  • You're interested in the international aspect of commercial and internal communications, you know how to deal with different cultures and you see it as your mission to bring it all together.

  • You are motivated, ambitious, and thrive on challenges. You’re also pragmatic, honest and have the courage to give feedback when you see room for improvement.

  • You want to work full time (40 hours a week) and are prepared to work occasional evenings and weekends.

  • If you are able to speak German this will be a plus, as we have a lot of German customers.

Do you have any specific questions or just want to know more about our traineeship? We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at We will gladly put you in touch with one of our trainees, who will be happy to tell you more about their experience with the traineeship at Belsimpel!

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