Changing the mobile world together.

Belsimpel offers the smartest way to find what suits our customers best when it comes to the telecom domain. We do this by raising the bar a little higher every day and having a constant drive to do everything better and more efficiently. To achieve our goal, we are looking for the crème de la crème of the labour market. Does this sound like something for you? Then we likely have the perfect vacancy for you. Whether you are still a student or already in your professional career.

We offer you an impactful and educational job that is just right for you

What can you expect from us?


You get a lot of responsibility in your work, even if you are not there very often or if you are still young. We make sure that you can have maximum impact, which is very motivating! You can have a say in everything.

You can develop in your role at 3 levels, but all doors are open to further internal growth after your studies. You will get smart colleagues from whom you can learn a lot and alongside the work we also like to have fun together. That way you will always enjoy going to Belsimpel!  


Your personal development is our priority and that’s why we offer you maximum guidance. And while you are fanatically learning, you get plenty of (international) career opportunities. At Belsimpel, it doesn't matter how old you are: if you can handle it, you get the chance.

Meanwhile, we ensure that your work fits perfectly into your life through help with your work-life balance, expert training and guidance in working efficiently, and more useful benefits.


With us, your code will have maximum impact. We release multiple times a day and have no internal politics, so your work goes directly to end users. We simply work out the best idea, and that can be yours!

You will receive intensive guidance to develop yourself as quickly as possible. We will look at what you like to do, what you can do, and what you want to learn. And don't worry - at the same time we will make sure that your work fits in perfectly with your life.  

Founders Jeroen & Jeroen about working at Belsimpel

(NL/EN) indicates suitability of vacancy for internationals.

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Founders Jeroen & Jeroen about working at Belsimpel

(NL/EN) indicates suitability of vacancy for internationals.

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