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Graduation internship, assignment or thesis at Gomibo

A project at a high level: discover what impact you can have with your university skills

Fulltime | 32 - 40h/w | Head office Groningen

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A challenging assignment that makes an impact!

Are you looking for a graduation assignment that really makes an impact and benefits a lot of people? Then you've come to the right place at Belsimpel! With us, you don't get simple projects that have been gathering dust for months. You immediately get to work on a project of your own that is important at the moment and has a lot of impact on our customers or your colleagues.

Where can you currently work?
Team Development:

  • Master Thesis Computing Science

  • Bachelor Thesis Computing Science

  • Graduation internship Front-End Development

  • Graduation project HBO-ICT

Team Business Development:

  • Design Project Industrial Engineering & Management

What does graduation at Belsimpel look like?

  • Your assignment fits well with you as a person and has depth.

  • We make sure your project meets the requirements from the RuG or Hanze.

  • You will receive intensive guidance from our experienced colleagues + access to all the information you need.

  • Your research/project will actually be carried out. As a matter of principle, we do not do research that we are not going to use and that might end up at the bottom of a drawer elsewhere.

  • We are ambitious and fanatical. We want to improve, because we enjoy doing so.

  • We have a flat organisation in which what you say counts, not who says it.

  • When we are satisfied from both sides, you can of course continue to work at Belsimpel after your graduation project ends. Many graduates at Belsimpel continue working on their own graduation project, how cool is that!

  • Last but not least: you will receive an excellent internship allowance.

Team Development

We offer the following graduate opportunities at Team Development:

  • Master Thesis Computing Science

  • Bachelor Thesis Computing Science

  • Graduation internship Front-End Development

  • Graduation project HBO-ICT

What does Team Development do?
Each team works on its own part of the software. These may be customer-oriented components, but also our warehouse system or our own HR system. We develop all the systems we work on ourselves so that we can respond well to complex and challenging changes in the market. We also use the systems ourselves, but we build it as stand-alone software that is also of interest to other companies. So while we are also an online shop, we see ourselves as a software company.

What will you be doing?

  • We always have several interesting projects ready for you to get to work on. Which one will you get to work on? We will discuss that later.

  • But we can give you an idea of what it will be about. Because we build everything ourselves and your assignment will be related to that, such as our website, our CRM system, warehouse, HRM or AB-testing system.

  • Would you like to work on one of these projects and make significant improvements? One thing is certain: at Belsimpel we can offer you the challenge you are looking for!

Team Business Development

We offer the following opportunity to graduate from Team Business Development:

  • Design Project Industrial Engineering & Management

What will you do?
For your project, you will be part of Belsimpel's in-house consultants from the Business Development team, which consists of experienced professionals who will assist you wherever you need it. Your work with us is at an intersection of technology and e-commerce, with all the challenges that entails. Our customers can choose from millions of combinations of products, which we then process at our headquarters. Because we keep everything in-house, from warehousing logistiscs to data analysis, working at Belsimpel offers a wide selection of challenges.

Examples of design projects:

  • Optimisation of the outbound parcel flow

  • Optimisation of the returns department

  • Optimisation of the purchasing department

  • Optimisation of workforce planning

  • Optimisation of the specimen identity documents intrain process

What do we offer?

Besides a good internship compensation and our special Gomibo Benefits, we also offer:

Room for talent

 Experience the process from A tot Z

Lots of career opportunities

This way, your thesis can be the stepping stone to a nice career.

Guidance and support

Learn from experienced colleagues. Get individual guidance.

Unique work atmosphere

Drinks and activities every week

Who are you?

  • You are looking for a graduation internship or assignment for the studies Computing Science, HBO-ICT, Communication & Multimedia Design (Front-End) or Industrial Engineering & Management.

  • You do not shy away from a challenge and are a real team player.

  • Target-oriented work is right up your street.

  • You are analytically strong, positive and critical.

If you have any questions regarding this vacancy, you can always contact our Talent & Recruitment Specialists. They are available on business days between 9:00 and 17:30 at the phone number 050-2113856. You can also send an email to

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Gomibo Benefits

Will you be there next year too? And only if you want to. Nothing is required and everything is possible at Gomibo.