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Product Owner

Work in a smart team behind the scenes to develop our SaaS solutions

Fulltime | 40u/w | university level | Headquarters Groningen

Nederlands | English

Providing easy access to the digital world, for everyone. 

As Product Owner, you will take the initiative in the transition of our in-house developed e-commerce website and systems to the Gomibo platform as a SaaS solution. To achieve this, ambitious projects have been launched with many changes in the technical field. You will bridge the gap between the business strategy and our development teams, and make sure everyone is facing the same direction. A crucial role, in which you bear great responsibility for the international expansion of the Gomibo Group: Belsimpel, Verifai, Tulip Assist, and Gomibo SaaS.

What do you do as Product Owner?

In this role, your responsibilities will include:

  • The guidance of a multidisciplinary development team of five to ten colleagues with a mix of starters and experienced colleagues.
  • The vision, roadmap, and further development of (new) features for our SaaS solutions based on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) principle.
  • Identifying needs and requirements of stakeholders such as users, B2C, and B2B customers, and internal teams.
  • Translating business rules into functionalities. You reduce complex abstract problems to manageable projects that your team can work on.
  • Analysing technical challenges and risks and ensuring quality requirements.
  • Project management. You set the right priorities and make adjustments where necessary. You ensure that the right people are working on the right issues and monitor progress so that we move forward quickly.
  • Signalling improvements in the department. You have a critical view, ask the right questions when something is not going smoothly and think proactively about things that could be improved. 

Way of working

You will work closely with the founders and with developers in your team to discuss your team goals and projects. You are also part of the Product Owner team, which consists of about ten colleagues. Because the lines of communication are short, you can switch quickly in case of team-transcending projects and you are always up to date with the latest developments.

Personal development

In terms of growth path, you can go in different directions, for example by going into technical depth, focusing on project management, or external stakeholder contact. If you are interested, it is also possible to fulfil an HR role in the development team. This could include guidance on work-related development at an individual level through evaluation interviews or coaching on personal issues.

Examples of projects

The projects vary in size and complexity, below are some examples. In addition to these projects, you can work on overarching themes such as learning & development or providing training, for example on project management.

  • The Multi-Currency project
  • Developing a new Product Catalog
  • Setting up a new Fraud database: Protekt
  • Integration of international network operators
  • Setting up a new Order Management System
  • Realising additional payment methods for customers
  • Improving our own HR system Promago
  • Guide research and transition to React Native
  • Development of a new Content Management System in Sanity

What do we offer?

Next to a good salary, special Belsimpel Benefits, a favourable pension scheme, and 25 vacation days per year, we also offer:

Who are you?

  • You have hbo or wo-level (or local equivalent) thinking and you have affinity with the business and technological side of an organisation.

  • You have strong English communication skills, as the development department consists of a mix of Dutch and international colleagues.
  • You have a great sense of responsibility. As we value freedom and autonomy, showing ownership is essential.
  • You are critical and proactive. You make improvements and problems negotiable and counteract when necessary.
  • You are analytically strong, work in a structured way and know how to prioritise well.
  • You are familiar with Agile working methods and know how to apply the best of them.
  • Experience with web shops, e-commerce or SaaS solutions is a plus.
This vacancy is available to candidates with varying degrees of work experience. The exact content of your role is not set in stone. During the process, we will fine-tune your role and tasks together with you based on your work experience, interests and ambitions. 

Visie Gomibo Saas

With Gomibo SaaS, Software as a Service, we want to provide easy access to the digital world by sharing our technology with telecom providers around the world. This is because telecom companies often work with different software systems at the back end that are not integrated well with each other, and are also not suitable or made for the telecom market. As a customer, you therefore quickly run into barriers in the ordering process, and trust in the online telecom industry is low. We see a social role for us as an organisation, by also reaching those countries where e-commerce is currently in its earliest stages, where costs are high, and opportunities unequal. We believe it is time for a telecom industry where the customer truly comes first, regardless of your knowledge, financial resources, age, or where you were born.  

If you have any questions about this vacancy, you can always contact our Talent & Recruitment Specialists. They can be reached between 9:00 and 17:30 on working days at telephone number 050-2113856. You can also send an email to

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