Senior Front-End Developer

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Senior Front-End Developer

Work in a clever team to develop our SaaS solutions

Fulltime | 32 - 40h/w | HBO/WO level | Headquarters Groningen 


Bridge the gap between design, interaction, and implementation.

As Senior Front-end Developer, you will be at the helm of the front-end of our in-house developed e-commerce website, systems, and the Gomibo platform as a SaaS solution. You will be the logical bridge between design, interaction, and implementation for millions of customers and users worldwide. Be it an improvement of our current systems or the creation of a new project, your experience, vision, and creativity are essential to make access to the digital world easier for everyone.

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What do you do as Senior Front-End Developer?

As Senior Front-end Developer you are responsible for, among other things:

  • Designing software architectures for our SaaS solution.

  • Advising Product Owners on technical improvements and converting the functional desires into a technical design based on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept.Taking the lead in projects in the technical field. You help think about what a good MVP should look like and supervise the technical feasibility. You also roll up your sleeves yourself and help build the best front-end solutions that are modular, scalable, and manageable.

  • Researching new tools & techniques for various projects, such as:

    • Next.js 13 & CSR React

    • React Native

    • TypeScript

    • Turbopack & Webpack

    • Tailwind CSS

    •  Styled-components

    • Sanity

    • REST & GraphQL

  • Continuous optimisation of our existing systems and practices.

  • Internal knowledge sharing through coaching and code reviews.

  • And most importantly: programming.

Examples of projects

  • Developing a dynamic SaaS platform for telecom providers: a website and app that is globally customisable for customers via our Content Management System (CMS). For this, we use Sanity and our own design system, so customers can personalise their content and branding to their liking.
  • Redesigning the Belsimpel and Gomibo websites in 29 countries with Next.js 13 and Sanity, so that not only us, but every telecom provider can use our platform.
  • Developing and improving the front-end for our own CRM and warehouse system Alice.
  • Setting up and maintaining our own software libraries.

Personal development

At Gomibo, you are in the driver's seat of your own development and we use job crafting. This means that we tailor your role and task package to your interests and skills. So, whether you want to specialise in code quality, continuous integration, new features, performance, architecture & maintainability, learning & development, or project management, it is up to you.

Way of working

  • At Gomibo, we have a flat structure and work in multidisciplinary teams. This means that the best idea counts, no matter who says it or how much work experience you have.
  • You will work closely with our content and creation teams for figuring out the design system and with our back-end colleagues to develop the most optimal API endpoints.
  • In addition to building software, we at Gomibo also enjoy doing things together outside work, such as team-building activities and a game of ping-pong in the break.

What do we offer?

In addition to a good salary, special Belsimpel benefits, a favourable pension scheme, and 25 vacation days a year (with the option of buying 5 extra days), we also offer:

Plenty of (international) growth opportunities

Get the best custom-made career in the Netherlands.

Your development is key

Individual coaching, code reviews and much more.

The best gear

Desktop with 3 displays, CPU: Ryzen 2600X, GPU: GTX1050, RAM: 32GB. At home too.

Impact from day one

Instant responsibility you feel comfortable with, and your written code will be used within days.

Who are you?

  • You have a bachelor's or master's degree, preferably in Computing Science, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Communication & Multimedia Design.
  • You are proactive and up-to-date on the latest front-end developments to continuously improve our work. Because we value freedom, independence, and creativity, taking ownership is very important.
  • You have good communication skills and are proficient in English. This is essential for good cooperation in our international development teams when making and justifying technical decisions.
  • You are able to work at the office in Groningen during your entire onboarding period. After that, we have a remote working policy of a maximum of 2 days per week. More days are possible in consultation.

Content-related skills:

  • You have extensive experience with Git, Javascript/Typescript, and React or similar libraries/frameworks such as Vue or Angular.
  • You are familiar with unit and end-to-end testing (using Jest or Cypress), accessibility (screenreaders and code optimisation), concepts such as inheritance, type narrowing, and generics & design patterns (e.g. flux).
  • You have basic knowledge of Back-End development (PHP) and know how to work with different types of APIs, such as REST and GraphQL.
  • Experience with React Native / Next.js 13, SEO and conversion optimisation in an e-commerce environment is a plus.