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Development Traineeship

Work at top level right after you graduate.

Full time | Head Office Groningen

Discover the world of Development.

Do you love programming and are you good at it too? Do you want to turn your passion into your work? Then we have the ideal place for you: a Development track in which you’ll learn everything about developing. It doesn’t matter whether you are back-end, front-end, or full stack, or if you don’t know yet what you want to do. Depending on your skills and interests, we’ll create a tailormade programme, highlighting different aspects of development. That way, after the traineeship, you will know exactly what you like best.

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What do you do as Development Trainee?

• You’ll get to work on your own from day 1, because you learn the most by doing it yourself. We don't do occupational therapy, but give you real problems to solve. Think about setting up a fraud detection system, or helping to build the front-end of our website that is used by millions of people.

• You will be guided by a buddy; someone with a lot of experience who is ready to help you.

• You will receive training in different topics. These trainings focus on both hard skills - think, for example, training in building APIs or database usage - and soft skills, such as Working Smart.

• You can request coaching sessions where you get tips&tricks and individual feedback that will make you even better.

• We evaluate every five weeks how things are going and how we can help you grow more.

Our team

• Our team consists of truly smart developers, as the work is very complex. We develop systems that cannot be created using standard software packages. We deliberately choose to make everything in-house so that we have the knowledge, ability and flexibility to respond to opportunities and changes in the market as quickly as possible.

• The team consists of a mix of part-time students, recent graduates and highly experienced developers who have been with us for years or have brought experience from other organisations.

• As a Software Engineer, you have short lines of communication with the Product Owner of your team. Together with the Product Owner, you look at which features need to be developed and how this should be done. You have a lot of say in this and we find it important that you think critically. Do you foresee problems with a proposed feature? The Product Owner will listen to you and together you will try to find a good solution.

• When you start working for us, you will join one of our various development teams - which team exactly? We will decide that based on your skills, fit, preference and where we need you the most.

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What do we offer?

Besides a good salary, special Belsimpel Benefits, a favourable pension plan, and 25 holiday days a year, we also offer:

Who are you?

• It is important that you have a certain (basic) level and you can show this in your application. This could be through a degree in Computing Science, ICT or Computer Science, experience gained from your own projects, or, for example, a well-stocked Github account!

• We are looking for clever but, above all, fun colleagues. We assume that you can program well, and that’s why we don’t think previous knowledge of specific programming languages we use is essential. You can see our stack here.

• You are a recent graduate, smart, critical in a positive way, and enjoy making beautiful things that impact our customer and colleagues.

You work at the office in Groningen during your entire onboarding period. After that, we have a remote working policy of a maximum of 2 days per week. More days are possible in consultation.

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